What kind of engine oil to use for Case IH 1455 xl?

What kind of engine oil to use for Case IH 1455 xl Problems

Any advice on what kind of engine oil to use for Case IH 1455 xl?
I have a problem with my ’88 Case IH 1455 xl tractor.
I have had it for 3 years now.
Just my question to owners is this, is it true that if you put Agrol in the hydraulic box, it’s not a good solution because at 100 degrees Celsius it loses its lubricating properties and then the box is subject to wear due to insufficient lubrication?(Also the rear axle gets so hot that you can’t put your hand on the rear axle near the hitch. I’m afraid this is wrong, might I consider changing the oil to a different one, if so, what kind?
Another problem I have with it is all the headlights don’t light well, I put the bulbs strong but it didn’t have much effect both halogens and front, when I connected directly to the battery the halogens shone like the sun compared to how they shine in their place, I checked if there is ground but no, so I think it is the relay, maybe something is already hitting it, any other hints?
What kind of engine oil to pour in?

Preferably 10w40 utto hydraulic/gearbox oil.
I have two Cases, one 1255xl and the other 844xl, and it wasn’t until I started using these oils that the Cases stopped heating up.
Tractors work with mower conditioners and are not easy to drive, often with 100% load.
I buy Tedex 10w40 Utto other manufacturers also have utto or interchangeable stou class oils.
The same oil is used in vario fendt transmissions.
Of course, the 1455 has no wet brakes or loaded gears – I wrote about which transmissions are recommended for utto oils.
After switching to these oils, I’ve stopped having hydraulic problems in the winter, and in the summer. I think the transmission runs better and doesn’t get hot (and in the case of the 844xl there were problems with that).
I have observed the same in the case of the 844 and mf.

If I may add my humble opinion, we have a 1455xl engine filled with Turdus for 3 years, chest and hydraulics in one filled with Agrol. Same with the other we have an 844xl engine on Turdus for a year, the chest we haven’t refilled anything yet because nothing is lost, I don’t even know and the hydraulics first had Agrol and now normal hydraulics and nothing happens.

It’s a very good tractor, highly recommended, the hydraulics are very good, the power steering is so good you can turn it with the smallest finger.

I’m quoting my experience here, I know many may disagree, but for me it’s more important to drive sensibly than to use premium oils, and by sensible driving I don’t mean sawing tractors at top speed, but adjusting the transmission to suit specific field operations, sometimes slower, but at a normal speed, depending on the job, of course.

I’ll also add that the 1455 with a 4-meter wide disc machine and a 5-hull mouldboard plow provides about 1 hour 30 minutes of productivity per hectare. Small with a trailer and sprayer, so a different job here.

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