Case IH 1455 XL won’t start

Case IH 1455 XL wont start Problems

Case IH 1455 XL won’t start when it’s warm!
Hello, I have a problem with my 1994 Case IH 1455 xl, when it’s warm, it won’t start. I have checked the fuel lines, the diesel is supplied to the injection pump.
However, when I use Startpilot, it starts again! Is the injection pump faulty? Is the starter not pulling properly? It’s just weird that it starts fine when it’s cold!
Does anyone have any advice on what the problem could be? I appreciate any and all advice!

A big hello.
Check to see if the fuel return line is working, preferably by blowing through the line towards the tank.
Remove the fuel tank cap and check the fuel tank vent.
Clean it!
I too had/have this on my JD Oldie, after overhauling the pump (diesel in engine oil) it got better, but after consulting with the foreman we didn’t change the high pressure part because it was too expensive (Roosa Master), when it is very hot don’t turn it off right away or wait 20 minutes and it will work again.
If it has a stuck piston, it is understandable that it starts when you tighten it. We once had a truck with the same problem. The customer had already checked the starter motor, injectors, etc., but everything was still the same. Eventually the crankshaft main bearing jammed and the engine hummed. It could also be wiring or poor grounding. The best way to check this is to connect the jumper cable directly to the starter motor.
And it’s probably heat!
Do you have cheap oil in it that is losing its lubricating properties?
The problem will probably go away if you switch to Quali oil and let the engine cool down at idle. Generally speaking, it’s always bad to stop a warmed up engine right away, as the cooling system will stop immediately. The right thing to do would be to keep working on the radiator and let the heat out…
All the best to you!

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