Case IH 1455 XL fuel system problem

Case IH 1455 XL fuel system problem Problems


I have my Case IH 1455 XL fuel system problem: when driving it accelerates to 2500 rpm then it takes ten seconds and then it drops back to 2200-2300 rpm and then it takes forever to get back to 2500 rpm if it even makes it.

I went to get my new truck and it had a hard time pulling the truck, it only got up to 38-40 km/h when it was empty.

What could be the reason for that? Filters and oil were all new ten hours ago.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Case IH 1455 XL fuel system problem

Could be the ESP or air in the fuel system, It could also be a clogged line or the filter on the feed pump is clogged.

The first thing is to change the fuel filter, then see what happens.

I recently had the problem with my 1255xl that it only reached 1800 rpm, this was due to the throttle cable, a few strands got untwisted and then it was no longer possible to pull it fully.

I would also first check whether the fuel supply is sufficient. Most of the time, it’s only for very trivial reasons.

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