Case 1455 IH XL turning radius problem

Case 1455 IH XL turning radius problem Problems

Hello, I have Case 1455 IH XL turning radius problem. My 1455 comes with a complete headstock from WalterScheid with a K80 fixed ball.

Now I have noticed when driving silo that the turning radius is extremely small because the ball sits so far back and I have 650 65 42 tires on it, the drawbar from the trailer directly touches the rear tires… thus one has real problems to come out of some exits because one simply can not turn sharply…

Has the problem maybe someone else and is there somehow a solution to ?

With kind regards!

Hello, You must somehow get the ball 10cm to 20cm further back, whether there’s something I don’t know, but that’s the only way to defuse it.

This is the case with the fixed K80. If you want to become more maneuverable, you have to get the normal trestle with insertion ball. This will allow you to move at least 20cm further back.

But if a 330mm K80 coupling is inserted into the standard “elevator” of the last series, quasi from above like a height-adjustable towing jaw, then it should still work with the turning radius even with (large) 42″ wheels, right? The drawbar load is of course then limited…

Good luck!

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