Case IH 1455 XL

Case IH 1455 XL

It is a true worship machine: the Case IH 1455 XL. Produced both in Neuss (Germany) and in Doncaster (England), from 1981 to 1996, the Case IH 1455 XL won a numerous and satisfied clientele.

It is difficult to remain indifferent to this tractor that was built to last. Manufactured in Germany at the Neuss factory between 1981 and 1996, Case IH 1455 XL has marked the history and development of IH in Europe. The CASE IH 1455 XL is considered by many as a reference tractor in terms of reliability.

The admirers of this model stand out the large size of the cabin and comfort, which for their time was clearly ahead of their time. It is considered a robust and easy-to-use tractor. The grip and the power of the tractor (145 HP) make it not to be ashamed of in terms of their traction capacity, even if compared with the new current models. Case IH 1455 XL remains a reference tractor in terms of reliability.

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Equipped with a six-cylinder engine of 6,586 cc that develops 146 cv, this tractor also represented the last model developed internally by IH (International Harvester) before the company was acquired by Case. The main feature of the case IH 1455 XL is reliable four-wheel drive. Among other advantages, this was undoubtedly one of the main reasons for considerable sales figures, with the impressive number of 7.621 Case IH 1455 XL sold during its 15 years of production.

Case IH 1455 XL was created after Tennaco Corporation, who bought J.I. Case in 1967, it will take control of the tractor operations of International Harvester in 1985. The two lines merged and the large IH tractors were abandoned in favor of the CASE models. In 1999 Case IH merged with New Holland to form global CNH. CNH continues to manufacture tractors under the CASE IH brand.

When it comes to emblematic tractors, the Case IH 1455 XL must be among the first five. From a time of manufacture in which the tractors were mechanically simpler, this classic enjoyed more than 18 years of production without many significant changes. But that was then. Another 25 years have passed and the current case of Case IH in the category of 150 HP is a totally different tractor.

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The Case IH 1455XL (which replaced the International Harvester 1455XL, largely similar) was considered a large beast at its best times.

As the end of its production approached, it was above the Maxxum 5100 series (also manufactured in Neuss) and below the Magnum 7200 line manufactured in the United States.

In fact, the production of 1455XL lasted beyond the 1255XL, less powerful (1985-1994). This is because Case IH needed a tractor of exactly this power to fill a vacuum (horses) in its range.

The only 1455XL was certainly less modern than Maxxum 8211; The latter was available with a motorized inverter and even with a four-speed gearbox.

It also lacked a specification to compete with the North American Magnum, a heavy prairie tractor with a rough and complete change of gears.

This is partly due to the apparent mechanical simplicity of the tractor and, we dare to say, to its reliability.

It is also due to the fact that the XL cabin was considered in its day (by some, but not by all, we hurry to add) as the pinnacle of luxury.

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Equipped with a powerful IH engine, this machine 1455 XL of 6.42 T can provide 107KW or 143 horsepower for the 4×4 tractor. The Case 1455 XL is classified into the larger machines segment of the 4×4 tractor category. The dimensions of the model are 4.74 m x 2.412 m x 2.94 m.

The production was stopped in 1995, where this 1455 XL A was available at a new list price of 50 000 and 64,000 euros. For more detailed information on current prices and residual values, see this page.

Today, Case IH produces another 158 4-wheel-drive tractors, with powers ranging from 27kW to 350kW, of which the Farmall 55 C Komfort, the Farmall 75 C Basis and also the Farmall 65 C Komfort are the most popular in the actuality. Want more detailed specifications? Download the latest Case IH 1455 XL datasheet from our website today.


  • Case IH 1455 XL (1986-1995)
  • Case IH 1455 XL A (1994-1995)
  • Case IH 1455 XL Formel V Profi (1990-1995)
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I think it was not officially sold in the US It has the DT402 engine It is a fairly large tractor at 6 1/2 tons basis weight Rated at 145hp but looks like more, very good pull tractor, could pull a home down. XL refers to being equipped with the XL cab, this was fitted from 1982-1996 when production ceased. They don’t have the electronics, but they are very tough heavy duty tractors that are practically bullet proof My tractor is a 1255XL opened at about 150hp, pretty much the same tractor as a 1455XL.

The JB 1255/1455 are some of the best models that IH Europe has made, they are even “student proof” Our Doncaster IH PLATTS dealer always used to say that he had never had to ride on the back of anyone he had sold , while the models where in production. Along with the 956/1056 IH it had a great line of tractors that our American cousins ​​don’t know what they missed.

The Case IH 1455 is POWER! The IH 1455 is one of the best IH ever made, I like it a lot, especially for its long run.

I served my time on tractors IH worked for over 30 years on them, this engine series was one of the sweetest runs ever build, mind you never saw one smoking like that before lol. good material.

I have some info from Matbush’s site. There is a 1455 (1032 built) and a 1455xl (7621 built) the 1455 had the cockpit and the 1455xl the xl cockpit got. Some pictures of both versions.

Case IH 1455xlCase IH 1455xlIHIH

I have owned the case 1455xl for a year now and I am 100% happy with it.

It has the power and the appropriate weight. It works on 50ha, for example, under a 4.5m wide stubble field with 5 reversible ploughs, pulls a trailer weighing 25 tones, although the v/max is only 35km/h, but it’s just a matter of unlocking the box.

Fuel consumption when ploughing is 10-11 and without a heavy load is around 7-8 liters, more or less because I’ve never checked the exact consumption. I SINCERELY RECOMMEND !!!! A good and inexpensive one.

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